One Goal United Celebrated 2017 at Annual Holiday Party

The One Goal United team recently attended an annual industry holiday party. Joel, the company President, called the gathering a major success for his business.

Team members from One Goal United traveled to the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. It was a nice chance to get away for many of the company’s people, according to Joel. He stated that having a holiday party that included a travel opportunity made it even more special for the group. It was a bonding experience for everyone who attended.

“By traveling together, we got the chance to enjoy a new experience as a group,” he said. “These shared adventures are ideal for bringing everyone closer as a team. They help to strengthen our relationships and make us an even more cohesive organization.”

In addition to the attendees from One Goal United, there were sales and marketing professionals from a number of firms at the event. Joel indicated that this turned the party into a networking opportunity for his people. It was a chance to talk with and learn from other leaders in the field. The party also demonstrated the bigger picture and showed everyone how much possibility there is for the industry.

Perhaps most significant is the chance to learn. With experts in a variety of topics there, our team members always come back with many new ideas.

Joel, President

“I always want my people to be inspired to reach for more,” Joel explained. “The ability to meet with some of the most accomplished people in our field really highlighted the opportunities available.”

The event also included an award ceremony that recognized top performers and those who have made significant career advancements. Again, Joel was happy his team members could see the achievements of their peers.

One Goal United’s President on the Power of Industry Events

According to Joel, One Goal United management offers team members plenty of travel opportunities. They try to send their people to industry gatherings on a regular basis. Some of these include retreats, conferences, and parties such as the one in Atlantic City.

“There are so many benefits to going to these events,” he asserted. “Perhaps most significant is the chance to learn. With experts in a variety of topics there, our team members always come back with many new ideas.”

Networking is also a major aspect of all sales and marketing industry events, as it was with the holiday party. Joel stated that the conversations that happen at these gatherings help people stay up to date with the cutting edge of the field.

“Of course, attending is also an inspiring experience,” Joel concluded. “Our people always return full of energy and ready to innovate.”

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